Intentional Living

    About seven months ago, in May, I wrote this original post on my new blog I intended to be about a homemade capsule wardrobe. Since then, I have realized that, although I still love sewing and creating a capsule wardrobe, my blog thoughts extended beyond those two related topics. After a long break, I decided to move on to a new, broader, blog: The Journey of a Keeper.
    This post, I believe, is still a very good description of my journey to intentional living.

Stitched: Rethinking Homemade


In January, I started Financial Peace University (Online) by Dave Ramsey. That began my journey to living intentionally. I wrote down goals, I created a budget, and I was intentional with my spending. Having a budget and plans for where we wanted our money to go has help us so much. I only wish we would have started sooner.

Getting on a budget was great, but then I decided I wanted to loose weight. I looked at FitBits and similar gadgets, but they didn’t fit in my budget. Finally I found a budget friendly method to keep me accountable. Enter, MyFitnessPal! Again, I set some goals. I started keeping track of my food and physical activity each day. I became intentional about my health. I wasn’t always consistent, and it certainly wasn’t always easy, but I know I’m creating better habits that will benefit me if I keep it…

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