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Lillian is six months—Her candle goeth not out

Lillian is 6 months old! I had planned to take her pictures soon after we started feeling better, but rain and daily life kept getting in the way. One evening we decided to go to the park with some friends, and since I still had the dress and props in the car, I was able to take these pictures!

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Lillian is Four Months: Daily Routines

Some days the baby is fussy all evening and the boys put off bedtime. More often than not, I’m still trying to clean the house when I should be starting supper. Too many times, I get to the end of the day, tempted to be discouraged that I “didn’t get anything done.” Or my hair is looking like it needs a wash because I slept in instead of taking a shower. Not every day will be the same, so why bother with routines?​