My Health Journey

What Gut Health did for me

Alyssa Clevenger

It’s hard to tell when it started, but I do know when I became so overwhelmed I was begging God for an answer. My health was a mess and it was affecting my mood, energy, and enthusiasm for life…All this, even while trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Diet and exercise helped, but then I hit a wall. After another year of trying to eat better and be better, I was exhausted. But my prayers were heard. God knew this wasn’t the kind of wife and mother I wanted to be. He gave me a healing touch and He gave me another tool to use on my health journey: gut health. I learned that, even though I was eating better, my gut microbiome was damaged by years of imbalanced blood sugar.  I’m thankful that I now have the tools I need to heal my gut, balance blood sugar, and reduce inflammation. I’m on a journey to better health, and I want to take everyone with me!

Who’s with me?
  • More energy
  • Balanced moods
  • Fewer cravings
  • Happier hormones

Ever since I was a preteen, I started noticing the signs: dizzy in the morning, racing heart after exertion or too much sugar, afternoon energy crisis, feeling hungry every few hours. no energy after breakfast, stomach aches, headache, moodiness, stress, severe PMS, and painful periods…

When your body talks, listen, or it will begin to scream.

But I didn’t know about gut health and insulin balance. I didn’t have the tools I needed to correct the problem early.

College came, and though I was in the best shape of my life, my health seemed to take another step down. I remember walking out of my afternoon Biology class because I couldn’t stay awake–not because of lack of sleep. I wouldn’t understand it until years later. I remember wondering how other teens my age could stay up past midnight and not need a nap the next day!

I got married right out of college, and the health issues I had dealt with all my life now was affecting not only me but the one I loved as well. When I had my first baby, I started feeling down most days. My emotions were a rollercoaster! 6 months after my first baby was born, I got pregnant again. My first baby had been colicky and didn’t sleep well. I didn’t sleep well, and I began using food as a coping mechanism for stress, sadness, and anxious feelings.

I shared all this because we are all at different stages in our health. When are we going to listen to the symptoms and make a change?

I was so ready for a change when my friend Marlene shared her testimony of how some gut health supplement were helping her balance moods as well as getting her through the day without needing a nap or 6 cups of coffee!

I imagined my life without being overwhelmed by emotions or tiredness and I knew I needed to try! I didn’t want to be the kind of mom I had become, getting nowhere with my goals, too tired to play with my boys, and feeling too down to want to go to church some Sundays! (I still went)

I knew I needed to try what she was doing!

Within a week of starting the supplements, my energy began climbing, and within the first 60 days, my mood swings were less, periods were less painful, and I was sleeping better at night and waking up earlier feeling rested!

It was life-changing!

I believe God wants me to use that painful dark period of my life to help others, which is why I’m an advocate for clean living, gut health, and blood sugar management.

I believe women should stop believing the lie that they will just always live with crazy mood swings, or that being tired all the time is just part of being a mom! IT’S NOT! Let’s stop just surviving and start thriving! Who’s with me?

Do you know someone that may benefit from more energy, balanced, moods, fewer cravings, or easier periods?

A Business That Blesses

Not everyone understands the business model that this company uses, so if I can have a few more minutes of your time, I’d like to explain.

Plexus has been a blessing to me and so many others like me.

The more I understand networking, residual income, financial freedom and stewarding resources in a community way, the more I appreciate this business.

It’s actually BEAUTIFUL.

Here’s what the “business” actually looks like is

  • pouring into one another
  • listening to life’s hard without judgement
  • putting tools of care & long term solutions into your back pocket
  • praying BIG into your story
  • training & equipping with life impactful resources
  • strengthening the inside-out relationships with your body, your marriage, your kiddos, your food, your mind, your work space, your vision, your hope
  • being the safe space and door you can knock on day or night

And something else pretty cool — creating an income that makes a difference in your home and allows you to walk out the bigger vision the Lord has sown over your home

For some, that’s paying for their family of seven’s products without touching the rest of their money.

For others, it’s covering their kids private school.

The unexpected medical bill. No hindrance.

Paying off hundreds of thousands of college debt? It’s happening.

Adopting sweet orphans into a forever home? I’ve watched that story come to life.

Hauling whole, feel-good foods home on a covered grocery budget without penny-fear. Celebration.

Giving more to ministries that set their hearts afire while ministering to their own littles from the home front? Yep!

Exploring God’s great creation and providing tangible experiences to your child’s senses? So so freeing.

The thing is? Business is business. And seeing these incredible women ROCK it in love, from home with their people while helping others feel better & live freer? It’s such a blessing!

Business Testimony

Marge Martens is Diamond.
Top rank in Plexus. Unreal residual income.

Average Diamond income is more than 30k/month! Sky is the limit!

This business is giving her and her husband the freedom to live completely on their own time. True retirement is being able to do and give whatever you want without worry of resources, surrounded by the people you love most.

The #1 thing Marge is seen doing is breathing life and belief into those around her. She is showing them their gifts, their value, and how to use them for success and world changing. We have a theme in this team on building longer tables vs building higher walls, and Marge is the most beautiful example of this. There is always room at her table for 1 more, and they are always welcomed with open arms. If you do not want to be encouraged, loved, supported, given hope & spoken life over, you’ll wanna find a different table than this one.

This has been a 7 year journey for her.

It’s been all the things:

Such beautiful joy, indescribable heartaches, hard growth, so much love, leaving those cozy comfort zones, soooo many happy and sad tears, blocking the words of naysayers, more hard growth, encouraging others when you feel like giving up, starting over, throwing out victim stories, serious determination, daily prayers, the grittiest of grit, faith beyond comprehension, and a million little miracles.

Written by Efje Schmidt, Plexus Diamond Ambassador