Stress and the Winter Blues, and how to overcome

We all have stress that we must learn to cope with and manage. Stress is healthy and good, until our body or minds or both responds to it in a negative and unhealthy manner.

The following is an excerpt from the book “The Adrenal and Thyroid Revolution” by Aviva Romm M.D.

“Maybe not so surprising. But check this out: Women top the charts in all stress-related statistics, including having more physical symptoms as a result of stress than men. Not only do women experience their own stress, but in addition we tend to internalize our partner’s stress, and also world stress what we read in the news, and feelings of terror and social vulnerability more than men.

“Learning to recognize when you’re stressed out and turning it around are crucial to getting-and staying-out of SOS [health crisis]. But—and I am stating this loud and clear—when I’m talking about being stressed out, I am in no way implying that your symptoms are “in your head.” As women we’ve been called overly sensitive, overly emotional, and overreactive. Women have told me even their doctors have accused them of this. So we learn to ignore our symptoms and our stress—stuff it, tough through it, and suck it up—lest we sound complaining or overreactive. Stress is a real medical phenome non, and not one to be dismissed.

“You know the feeling of stress, anxiety, pressure, overwhelm, irritability, weepiness, frustration, anger, and so on, but what is stress, really? It’s all the physical, mental, and emotional reactions we have when we’re carrying more of a load than we are able to bear. The feelings and thoughts asso ciated with being stressed out are your inner GPS telling you that you’re overwhelmed. Listening to the language of stress and knowing that it is affecting your sleep, hormones, weight, and brain can help you to recognize when you’re in SOS [health crisis].”

—The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution

I personally believe prayer and songs are the woman’s secret weapon against stress! As we go into the winter months and have less sunshine, here are 8 actions you can take to help guard against unhealthy stress and the winter blues.

Tips for Fighting the Blues this winter.

Limit mindless screen time. Focus on quality uplifting, inspiring, and educational content.

Spend time unplugged, no music/distractions. (Kids can be taught to be quiet for a few minutes)

Spend time outside in nature touching it, feeling it, smelling it, either working, walking, working out, playing with your kids, or just being still. Even just 5 minutes can get you refreshed!

Speaking of playing with your kids, don’t take yourself so seriously. Let yourself be a kid again. Play, roll around, break some rules.

Take action, no matter how small. Recognize your accomplishments.

Sing a song. If you don’t feel like singing, hum. At least listen to some uplifting music and see if you can’t stay in a down mood!

Talk to someone. It doesn’t have to be heavy, and it certainly doesn’t need to be complaining or whining. Ask them for their perspective or insight. Sometimes we just need to see things from another viewpoint.

Most of all, pray! God loves you and He has something special for you this winter!!

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