9 reasons to start a home business

You see the words “join my team” so often on social media that you start to wonder why in the world you would do that.
Why would you want to “join someone’s team”?

Here’s some questions to ask yourself to see if it’s a right fit.

  1. If I made an extra income online, how would it help my family?
  2. Is the person posting this someone I would want to work with?
  3. Am I willing to use my screen time intentionally instead of just scrolling mindlessly?
  4. Can I stand behind the products with confidence?
  5. Will this impact people’s lives?
  6. Am I joining with the mindset that quitting isn’t an option?
  7. Will I be able to hold on to my values and integrity if I join this company?
  8. Do I have $1 to join? (Yep, $1 instead of $39 this month)
  9. Have I prayed about it and feel confident that God is leading me here?

Should I try to add work to my already abundant schedule?

I’ve always been pricked when I read about the Proverbs 31 woman. I’ve seen many opinions on the passage and the internet is full of women’s Bible studies on what the passage means. They all agree that a godly woman is not passively living, but intentional about her life and duties.
One of the qualities mentioned in this passage of scripture is that she made an income alongside of being a good wife and mom. By the grace of God and the Holy Spirits’ leading we can do the same.
That’s why I am with a gut health company. And that’s why I love helping other woman start the same thing.
So, if you’re feeling led to, then I’d be honored to help you “join my team”

We help you learn how to:

  • work your business in 15 min segments
  • create a passive income (so you can earn $$ while on vacay or maternity leave)
  • find your voice and how to use it to reach your people
  • overcome the voices in your head that have hindered you from succeeding before
  • use you social media platform of choice in a non-spammy, value adding, community centered way

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