Summer glow self care habits


  • drink water when you’re thirsty
  • add lemon essential oil for flavor + detox
  • drop a handful of frozen berries for chill + flavor


  • go barefoot outside 30+ minutes every day
  • invest in leather soled grounding shoes or make diy leather flip flops

🌻eat healthy

  • buy seasonal fruit and veggies from farmers market
  • eat 2 servings fruits or vegetables per meal
  • red fruits and veggies for healthy sun protection

🌻 bathe

  • cold showers and baths are energizing
  • hot bath or shower relaxes and soothes
  • use fragrancef free products
  • check your products at

🌻skin care

  • cold water in the morning
  • clean face every night
  • moisturize am + pm
  • castor oil for lips, eyebrows, finger nails


  • brush teeth 2xs a day
  • exfoliate lips
  • floss + mouth wash
  • oil pull for fresh breath + whitening
  • clay mask + baking soda + coconut oil= natural deodorant diy

🌻physically fit

  • do something you enjoy
  • get your heart rate up a few times a day
  • do hard things
  • play hard

🌻screen time

  • balance screen time with green time
  • unplug for 1 hr every day
  • unplug for 1 day every week
  • unplug for 1 week this summer

🌻spiritual growth

  • pray about your future
  • meditate on a scripture every day
  • read the Bible every day
  • be thankful

🌻 aromatherapy

  • create an e.o. signature roll on bottle to wear every day
  • diffuse energizing blend
  • go on a nature walk and notic/gather good scents

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