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Lilly is 5 months—Choosing Joy

Lillian is 5 months old and is growing so much! I can’t wait to share the pictures my SIL took for me while she was watching the children a few days ago! Thank you, Leah!

This month

  • 14 lbs 10 oz (two percentile marks up from last month!)
  • 27 inches! (98th percentile!)
  • Two teeth (in two days!)
  • Pushes up to straight arms when doing tummy time
  • Likes to stick out her tongue
  • Makes clicking noises with her tongue
  • Loves books
  • Grabs food from mommy’s plate
  • First bites of baby cereal
Two teeth!
Look how big I am!
Loved my chiropractor visit!

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I can’t even

Mamas who read their Bibles

Before Lilly was born, I truly enjoyed getting up at 5:30 and spending 30-45 min reading my Bible, studying the scriptures, and writing in my Bible journal. I got 90% through my Bible reading plan and paused sometime during my third trimester because I just didn’t have the mental or physical energy for that anymore.

I started reading through Psalms and Proverbs for a while, then recently I tried to go back to the full-Bible reading plan. I found that I still couldn’t put in the time that I wanted to, so this month I’m trying something different.

Scripture Writing Mom Group

My friends have a scripture writing mom group on Fb that I love! I’ve never fully committed to writing every day because I had a Bible reading plan that I enjoyed, but this month, I’m going to commit and I would love for you to join me!

  • If you struggle with traditional Bible study models
  • If you are wanting to read your Bible more regularly
  • If you need a little accountability
  • If you need a positive online community
  • If you struggle with joy or feeling depressed

Join me

We would love to have you commit to writing scriptures and join our growing community on Facebook.

And now for Miss Lilly!

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