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Lillian is Four Months: Daily Routines

Lillian Carrie is 4 months old! She is currently:

  • 12 lbs 8 oz
  • 26 inches
  • Still teething but no tooth yet
  • Reaching for toys
  • Grabbing anything mommy has in her hands
  • Rolling front to back
  • Rolling back to front
  • Scooting in circles

For the month of May, I decided to eat Gluten-free to see how Lilly reacted. When I weighed her this month and added it to her chart I saw that she gain the most during that month than she had any other month! Her weight gain had been slowing down considerably before then. I’m still working with some professionals, discussing some other issues, but I am so happy to see these results!

This stage is so much fun, too. She is sleeping and napping much better and that means mommy can get more sleep and more things done, as well! I’m creating new routines for this season—with a baby, your household will change as your baby grows. My routines are different than they were a month ago and those were different than three month ago.

I decided to start a a 31 day baby steps challenge from FlyLady. The first step is to have an empty and clean sink. It has helped so much to be able to focus on one thing instead of overwhelm myself with everything that needs done.

My typical morning goes something like this:

  • Feed Lilly, pray for the day
  • Get a drink of water and if Lilly is still sleeping, do some gentle stretches
  • Read my Bible and if I have time, write in my Bible Journal or personal journal
  • Get ready for the day, tidy the bathroom, and cook breakfast
  • When Lilly wakes up, she’ll play for a little bit while I unload the dishes, make the bed, and start a load of laundry
  • We aren’t doing regular preschool now that it’s summer, but I still like to read the boys a devotion, and Brent and I do a 20 min reading lesson.
  • If I haven’t gone outside yet, I may feed Lilly outside then let her play in her stroller or on a blanket while I weed the garden and hang laundry on the line.
  • A snack of fruit around 11 tides us over until lunch time.
  • Clean the house a little and load the dishwasher
  • Nap time/quiet time
  • If everything goes well, I have some time to do some more laundry and tidy up the house before supper.
  • Everything does not alway go well (But neither does it always go bad)
  • cook, eat, and clean up
  • Bible story and songs with the boys
  • Get everyone to bed and listen to an audio book together like Little House in the Big woods
  • Pick out clothes for tomorrow
  • Get ready for bed and turn the dishwasher on
  • Make sure the sink is wiped down and everything is ready for tomorrow

Disclaimer: I am outlining my ideal day. Some days the baby is fussy all evening and the boys put off bedtime. More often than not, I’m still trying to clean the house when I should be starting supper. Too many times, I get to the end of the day, tempted to be discouraged that I “didn’t get anything done.” Or my hair is looking like it needs a wash because I slept in instead of taking a shower. Not every day will be the same, so why bother with routines?

It’s because I want to free my mind up, and unclutter my “mom brain.” We all have so many things we have to manage each day, not just moms. Creating routines puts some of this on autopilot. When keeping the house tidy and clean becomes a habit, then I have space to add other habits that will get me to my goals. But baby steps are the key. Don’t try to change your life 180* all in one day, especially if you have kids! It takes time and consistency and building one new routine on top of an established routine.

And now for a photo dump of our little sunshine!

Stay encouraged mama! Our days may not be perfect, we may feel like we fall behind, but a little rest, and a little prayer can put things back into perspective!

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