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The 14 Day Valentine Challenge

For the last few years, I’ve been doing a personal challenge every February. Since Valentine’s Day is on the 14th day of the month, it’s a perfect end date for a two week challenge.

The challenge changes every year as my goals change, but the point is to make a list of goals to focus on for 14 days: 3-5 for yourself and your health, 3-5 for your husband and your marriage.

It might look something like this:

14 Day Valentine’s Goals

  1. Go on a 30 min walk every day
  2. Eat less than 30 g sugar every day
  3. Finish reading a non fiction book
  4. Pray for my marriage every day
  5. Speak words of affirmation to my spouse each day
  6. Text/email my spouse when we are apart
  7. Pack his lunch each night and fix his favorite breakfast
Hanging out with my girl.

This year, however, I’ve been in postpartum recovery the whole two weeks. However, the challenge went on without me! Last year, when I shared the challenge with my Instagram followers, my friend decided to share it with her followers, and this year her some of her friends shared it wit’s their followers! Now there is a Facebook group where they’ve been posting scriptures and prayers ever day throughout the challenge, and I’ve loved checking in even though I’m not actually doing the challenge. You can still join the group and read the amazing posts the ladies have shared in there challenging us to invest in our marriage!

I’ve decided to start my 14 day challenge today. Just because I’m in a postpartum season doesn’t mean self care and my marriage go to the side! Quite the opposite!

14 Day Postpartum goals

Obviously, my list this year will look a little different.

  1. Postpartum core strengthening every day. (Nourish Move Love has a great video and guide)
  2. Relaxing bath or shower every day. (any other moms see this as a challenge?)
  3. Track and moderate my sugar consumption.
  4. Read a combined three chapters a day (How to Blog for Profit & Growing Children in the Light of Eternity).
  5. Pray for our marriage every day (I love the prayers shared in the Scripture Writing group)
  6. Do some act of service for my husband, even if it is small.
  7. Tidy the house daily (a normal task that I have put aside during 2 weeks postpartum, thanks to my mom, dad, and Marty!)
  8. Express gratitude and affirmation every day.

If you want to join me, you can save this to your phone to keep track (use the edit photo feature to type in your goals and add emojis to the days completed) or print it out and fill in with a pretty pen! I will probably do the later.

And don’t forget to join our group where you can

  • Catch up on the love & marriage posts
  • Participate in a scripture writing challenge
  • Pray for your marriage with the daily prayers posted
  • Enjoy the fellowship of other Christian moms

Scripture Writing + 14 Day Valentine Challenge Facebook group

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