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Our Love Story + 5 Love Lessons We Can Learn From the Story of Ruth

Over seven years ago, I did something pretty bold for my very quiet and unassuming personality. I left a rather unique “note” in a guy’s car at college.

Those of you who were at our wedding heard the story. One day, I got a crazy idea―I printed a picture I took of West Virginia and took it with me to classes. The idea was to tape it over my now-husband’s rearview mirror. Why? I’m not sure. Just a friend to friend joke, I told myself.

I knew where he parked because I looked for his car every day. Yeah, I was a little obsessed. So before I left classes that day I walked across the parking lot with the picture and some tape. You should have seen me shaking. I guess I knew I had been uncharacteristically bold and I was risking rejection and humiliation. He would now figure out that I was at least a little interested in him—more like a major crush. (He later told me that he always locked his car, and it had been locked all day except for that short window of time!)

For a long time, neither of us mentioned it even though I saw him multiple times a week at church and school. He had figured it was me, and I had to admit to myself that it was more than friendship I was waiting for. I waited and waited. The verse in Ruth came to my mind: “Sit still, my daughter.” (Ruth 3:18) Even though “vandalizing” my crush’s car is not the same as Ruth uncovering and laying down at Boaz’s feet, nonetheless, I had to wait. God’s timing is best.

Then one day he commented on my blog (yes, I had a blog back then, yes, it’s a little cringe-worthy). I replied by email, and we started emailing daily. Through the waiting, I had learned to know my own heart a little better. It was so good for me to wait, even though it felt like one of the longest months of my life!

Personal story aside, the story of Ruth inspires me! You can listen to the whole book on YouTube in less than 15 minutes. I’ve listened to it while washing dishes, and we’ve read it together on one of our pre-marriage dates.

5 Lessons about love and life we can learn from the book of Ruth

1. She was content and thankful in her current situation.

Ruth didn’t have the things many of us are blessed with such as a husband, family, financial security. She left any friends and family behind. She left a familiar culture and homeland. She had no promise that her situation would ever improve, but we don’t hear her complain or even worry. She focused on those things that she did have and was thankful.

  • Love
  • A home
  • Health
  • Life
  • God

Thankfulness is such an important practice for a Christian. All good gifts comes from our Heavenly Father, and it is important to recognize that and express our gratitude. (James 1:17)

2. She practiced serving others and thinking of others first (her mother in law).

She willingly worked hard gathering in the fields so that her mother-in-law would have food. I suspect that even her marriage to Boaz was a selfless act to provide security for Naomi. Jesus was our ultimate example of self-sacrifice. (John 15:13) We can follow their examples by:

  • Asking our husbands what we can do for them.
  • Spending quality time with our children
  • Sticking to a budget/living within our means
  • Keeping our house tidy
  • Prioritizing our responsibilities

There is a lot we can learn in times of waiting. We strengthen our faith and trust in God, and we learn patience. When God calls us to wait, be assured He is still working. We should not force our situation to change. Like the butterfly, we can develop when we don’t rush God’s process.

3. She waited on God and didn’t try to force her situation to change.

  • In trying seasons of parenting
  • When praying for a need in our marriage
  • When struggling with physical needs
  • In singleness before marriage
  • During seasons of uncertainty
  • In financial need

Recently, when faced with decisions I’ve never had to face before regarding Lillian’s birth, I said that we could only take the next step and trust God to work in our situation. This kind of faith is what I want to Grow in so that in everything I can be content to follow God’s path for my life.

4. She took the advice of a trusted older woman even when she may not have understood it all.

The Bible teaches us to learn from the wisdom of the older generation. There is a lot we can learn from others’ experiences and Biblical understanding. Just be sure that the advice you are getting is coming from a known and trusted source.

  • A mentor
  • A counselor
  • A book
  • An article
  • A devotional
  • A message
  • A personal testimony

Many times, I have been blessed with good affixed when I needed it most. Some times I didn’t ask for the advice. Sometimes I didnt completely understand the advice. But, when it came from a someone I knew and trusted, I could pray about it and then feel confidence in following the instruction.

He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction:
but he that refuseth reproof erreth. Proverbs 10:17

5. She learned to serve God through the example of a Godly woman

We all have influence on each other. We should take care that we are 1. Careful that we are not influenced by ungodly examples 2. Careful that we are a Godly example in our circle of influence. Our life may be the only Bible someone reads. We also can learn valuable lessons from watching Godly examples and measuring it to God’s Word.

  • How does she face opposition?
  • How does she handle disappointment?
  • How does she serve others?
  • How does she care for her family?
  • How does she react to criticism?

The answers to all these are in the Bible, but as with all things, its easier to learn when you have an example.

May we always remember that God is in control of our circumstances and that He can always work them for good if we act when we need to act and sit still when we need to sit still.

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