Week in Review: 1.17.2021

This has been quite a week with some ups and downs as we approach our estimated due date January 25th.

1.19 We enjoyed a family day in town. The boys are all packed in case baby comes, and I really thought she would! But when I got home and got hydrated and some rest, all pre-labor symptoms fizzled out by midnight. I even baked a batch of cake mix cookies that Zane helped me mix up. I am serious about cookies right now, I can’t even lie.

1.20 The excitement from the day before inspired me to start walking again, which was previously more difficult because of IU Braxton Hicks (which seems to get better by 36-38 weeks, oddly enough!) I took a long walk with no problem at all. And a beautiful snow day called us outside for some play time and a bit of much needed fresh air. Still no baby!

1.20 My sister, Ranelle, introduced me to the Miles circuit, so on my walk I tried walking on the side of the road with one foot on and one foot off. The sunshine was lovely!

1.21 MarLeah and Rhett joined us for another curb walking session. It was good to spend some time with them, but my calves got so sore!

1.23 Too cold for a walk, so I sewed a dress and spent some time on the yoga ball instead. Still no baby!

Lord willing, I’ll be sharing baby pictures soon! The count is on!

God bless!


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