Week in Review 1.10.2021

This week has been different than I planned because I got a terrible sinus infection and a little cough. Do you have any favorite cold/cough remedies? Would you be interested in a post on the subject?

1.10 I went to church with my boys, even though I slept very little that night after Baby Lilly woke me up at 3 am.

1.12 My sister-in-law, Leah, went with me to town for my prenatal appointment. We went to the market where I got one of their amazing sandwiches and some (overpriced) fruit for the boys.

1.13 I came down with a terrible sinus infection and was in bed most of the day with a headache. The boys wanted to show me their tent they made in the living room, so they took a picture for me.

1.14 & 15 It snowed! I spent much of my time in my room resting (probably God saw I could use a little rest!). My little bedside diffuser was such a comfort and relief to me. I wish I would have thought to go to the local salt cave! If you haven’t been to a salt cave spa, they do wonders for a cold/infection!

1.16 Saturday, I was feeling much better and jumped back into my nesting with both feet! My husband even took the shower doors out so I could scrub them and the track better! It looks so much better now. I also got back to doing my prenatal stretches and stability exercises from Spinning Babies that I didn’t have energy to do when I was sick.

We are now patiently awaiting the arrival of Little Girly, hopefully in the next couple weeks! We will see if next week has any surprises…

God Bless,


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