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Week in Review: 1.3.2021

My first week in review will include a little more than one week.

12.30 We had fun in preschool doing our first watercolor! I loved how Brent took to watercolors so naturally! (I can’t be certain it was his first ever watercolor, but it was his first since we started preschool). Then we started reading their new preschool devotion book that my sister found for us.

12.31 Marty and I went to town for my midwife appointment and enjoyed some quality time together and Chinese take-out.

1.2 naptime cuddles with my boys! And my first dishwasher! Thank you, Tyrel for installing the island and dishwasher for us!

2.5 Zane getting some late evening energy out on their new trampoline (Christmas present from Nenaw and Papaw). I’m excited to use it as well when I’m able!

1.6 I finally tackled the pile of clothes on the spare bed–at 2 am when insomnia hit. This was a progress picture I sent my mom and sisters.

1.7 Another trip to town for my 37 week appointment! The snow on the other side of Cheat Mt was beautiful!

1.9 I took the boys on a little breakfast date and then the library where we got lots of books for preschool. Later that evening, Zane enjoyed some mama snuggles and a read-a-long book from Usborne.

Hope you all have a blessed week!

Much love,


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