Coconut Milk Shampoo

I’ve been searching for a shampoo that I could feel confident that I’m not putting anything in my hair that is harming it and confident that my hair looks clean and healthy. I had three qualifications: 1. It had to be pH balanced 2. free of sulfates 3. and free of silicone. I soon realized I would have to spend a lot of money to buy a shampoo that met my conditions, so I looked for homemade solutions. That ended up not being easy either. The recipes I found were either not pH balanced or left my hair feeling heavy and sticky or just not clean.

For a while, I used Natural Beauty Cleansing Bar found online at Swanson.com. I loved that it was pH balanced and gentle on hair and skin, but I found it added minutes to my shower as I lathered and lathered before I felt like there was enough to get my hair clean. It is so much easier to use a liquid shampoo. It wasn’t giving me good enough results to be worth the effort.

The Coconut Milk Shampoo method sounded promising, so I tried it. I used a mixture of coconut milk and aloe Vera gel, but it wasn’t effective, and it was too watery to easily be used as a shampoo. Some recipes call for castor oil soap, but I also read that even that good stuff isn’t pH balanced.

I had almost given up on my standards when I decided to try a modified version of the coconut milk recipe. It worked. So now, I’ll share it with you.


1 can coconut milk
up to equal parts aloe Vera gel
Natural Beauty Cleansing Bar, grated

  1. Mix coconut milk and aloe Vera gel
  2. Freeze mixture in ice trays to preserve, setting aside 4 Tbs (roughly the amount of two cubes)
  3. Shave approximately 2 Tbs of the cleansing bar and mix with just enough water to dissolve. This may take a few minutes, but it will dissolve.
  4. Mix the dissolved shavings and the coconut milk mixture in a bottle (I used a recycled honey bottle for easy dispensing.)
  5. When shampooing, lather a palm full of shampoo into the hair and scalp and leave in for a few minutes, rinsing with cool water.
  6. Prepare every week for maximum freshness.

I don’t mind that it’s not completely made from scratch because I still trust the ingredients, it’s effective, and the bar is relatively inexpensive.

My hair feels light and clean after using it, and it has been fairly easy for me to stretch my washing intervals. I even did an oil mask one night, and it almost got all the oil out. Maybe three applications would have worked, but I ended up using a drug store shampoo I had on hand. I have also used an apple cider vinegar rinse up to once a week for a little extra love.

I’m hoping that it will help my hair become healthier, thicker, and longer. However, even if I don’t get to see those changes, I like my coconut milk shampoo.


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