When You Lose Sight of Your Purpose


“Bloom where you are planted.”

“Be faithful in the little things.”

“Brighten the corner where you are.”

Clichés though they are, these words are good advice we can’t hear too often. Do you know where God has planted you—his beautiful fruit-bearing plant? Do you know where your corner is, and do you know what he wants you to do? Maybe we know the answer, but in an effort to find something great, our greatest daily callings lay forgotten. Or perhaps it’s time to shine our light a little brighter and find opportunities that may be just outside our comfort zone. Why not take some time today to think about where God has placed you and for what purpose?

Where are you planted? This includes where you live, the people you interact with most frequently, the responsibilities you have, and the gifts God has given you. Each have an important part in creating your niche. For example, I’m a wife and soon to be mother, so my greatest responsibility is at home, but where I live has a big impact on what my other responsibilities are and who I interact with. However, no matter where I live, God has given me a unique set of talents and passion that He wants to use for His glory. Like the scripture says, He assigns the members of the body as it seems right to him. He gives the talents. It is our choice to grow the talent and use it.

Where do you live, who do you interact with most frequently, what are your responsibilities, and what gifts has God given you?

I’ve always had the desire to do something for God and be a blessing to others, but when I need to take a step out of my comfort zone, I get confused and intimated. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and think, “What can I do?” I’m learning that as we are faithful to brighten the corner where we are, we learn better where to go when God calls us to step out of our comfort zone a little. Each time we follow his voice, the light in our little corner grows.

When we are faithful to do what we know to do, we learn better where to go when God calls.

It’s hard to write this because, even now, I am only learning, but I know God is leading me, and I can trust Him. Just as my chores as a teenager prepared me to keep my own home, so God works one step at a time. We must be willing and faithful.


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