My First Spending Freeze and What I’ll Do Different Next Time

There are just a few days left in the Living Well Spending Zero challenge! This is my first spending freeze, and I definitely plan on doing it again! I will, however, do things a little differently.

Everyone is different, that’s why I like Ruth Soukup’s Living Well Spending Zero challenge: it’s completely modifiable. I also love the weekly reflection prompts. Answering the reflection questions help me identify my weaknesses and set new goals.


Groceries $130 vs. $230+

Household purchases $30 vs. $120+

Spending money $0 vs $50+

total saved this month: $350!

The hardest part about this challenge was groceries. I don’t like not buying food. I like having food. Any food that I might want. I think if I did it again, I could meet my $80-$90 goal.

I think my experience in this challenge was somewhat unique. Like I said in my first reflection, I already feel like I have a pretty tight budget. The other good thing is, I have a written budget. It made tracking my spending and savings so much easier. I really had no surprises. I knew, if I spend this much, I’ll save this much.

The other thing that made my experience unique is that I save. It’s easy to plan for expenses when you have a written budget. At the end of September, I had money set aside for clothes, spending money, and even some for groceries (I hadn’t been grocery shopping the last two weeks of September). I still limited my purchases to items we were already going to buy before I started the challenge just to eliminate any impulse buying.

Finally, there are a few things I will do differently. I think I have unique spending temptations that I should focus on in the challenge. The daily “assignments” were a great inspiration, but I think I can save more money next time if I focus on those things more applicable to me. For example, we spend almost nothing on “entertainment.” Neither do we have daily Starbucks, but I have other weaknesses, such as the grocery store. Next time, I will focus more on:

  1. Making more bread, snacks, and freezer breakfasts
  2. Shopping sales
  3. Making money

This challenge has been such an inspiration to me. I’ve already thought of other ways to challenge myself to grow in the following weeks and months. I’m sure I’ll be sharing those soon.

It’s all part of the journey!


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