Why I’m Committing to a Month of No Spending

spending zero

It’s day one of Ruth Soukup’s spending freeze challenge. I have to admit, the first time I saw her challenge, I thought it wasn’t for me. “I’m already on a tight budget, what good would a freeze do?” I thought.

When I got out my calculator and budget, however, the numbers I added up started looking good. By eliminating unnecessary spending and drastically cutting money spent on groceries and house items, I was able to save at least $300 on paper. Our 2nd anniversary is two days after the challenge is over, and if I save enough we can treat ourselves and save some extra. So…I’m in!

I’m currently out a computer, so I wrote up my dedication and hung it in my kitchen. I was hesitant to post my picture to Instagram because that would be making a commitment and being accountable. However, that just might be the path to success. I mean to get to the end of this month happy with my savings and enjoying the process—the journey.

I’ve spent a good deal of time already trying to think of how I am going to get new curtains for my kitchen if I can’t buy any or buy any fabric to make them. It’s funny the little things that get you when you’ve committed to no spending.

I’m also looking forward to making something cute for fall decorations. I need to take invitory of my craft supplies and maybe I’ll share what I make. If any of you have any suggestions, feel free to share!

If I’ve made you curious, go check out the Living Well Spending Less blog and join the challenge! It’s not too late!


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