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My Blessings Cards: Five Great Reasons to Count Your Blessings and Write Them Down!

As my husband drove through our very small town, I was in the passenger seat trying desperately to pull myself together before we arrived at the party. I was simply unhappy: so unhappy I was miserable and very close to tears.
We were getting closer and closer to our friend’s house, and I was getting closer and closer to a flood of tears. In one last attempt, I started counting my blessings. Simple right? Thankfully, for me, my husband, and everyone at the party, it worked! By the time I walked in the door of that house I was smiling and genuinely happy! I made a mental note of that day, and I told myself that I would make counting my blessings a habit.

It’s not easy to count blessings when you feel anything but thankful, but that’s no surprise. Fighting selfishness is never easy. That’s why, one day, I decided to write down the things I was most thankful for to remind myself of my biggest blessings. I wrote/typed each one on a virtual note card, and they have been such an encouragement!

I challenge each one of you, if you’ve ever struggled with unhappiness or discontent, to write 10-15 of your greatest blessings down on note cards, sticky notes, or even the notes on your phone and keep them somewhere visible as a quick reminder to be thankful. (And I have 5 good reasons why you should!)

  1. Happiness is a choice. That’s why when we choose to focus on our blessings, happiness is within reach.
  2. God has commanded us to be thankful. If we want to please God, we must come to Him with a heart of thanksgiving.
  3. Keeping a thankful heart and guarding your own happiness is essential to having a heart to bless and encourage others.
  4. Writing it down is a memory enhancer. Just the few extra seconds it takes to engage your mind long enough to write a meaningful phrase down on paper, is enough to help those words stay in your mind longer.
  5. A visual reminder is like a silent friend to keep you accountable.

Just for fun, and because I love printables, I made a little something to help you get started. Just print, cut, and write!


Stay encouraged! (And always thankful!)

My Blessing Cards (printable)

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