Everyone Has Something to Offer

I like to believe in people. I like to see their potential and their unique gifts. I like to say that everyone has something to offer, but do I believe it? Do I believe in myself? Am I convinced that I have something to offer, and that God created me with a purpose to fulfill? I want to believe it. If I believe it, I must act on it.

All through my adult life, I’ve had moments of struggling to know my purpose. Only when I cease looking at everyone else, and look forward to the path God is leading me on, do I find the purpose he created in me. I may not see the purpose of my whole life. I may see only the moment God has given me. It is a journey. Two years ago, my purpose was vastly different than the purpose I am in now. With our first baby expected to arrive in the new year, my purpose will soon be re-shaping again. One thing, however, never changes, and that is our purpose to serve and honor God. It is the Great Purpose that gives us purpose.

My aim is to share the challenges I face, the prayers I have prayed, and the path through which God leads me. I know what it is to feel discouraged, disappointed, and disheartened. I have prayed for wisdom, I have prayed for peace. I have prayed for humility, grace, joy, and hope. God is always faithful. He guides my reading and sends messages through his ministers or the words of a friend. Many times, God uses the journey of someone before me to show me the path through. Over and over, I have been inspired by the lives of other women. I humbly pray that I may, through God, inspire someone that He has put in my path.


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